Hire equipment

Emergencies happen – what to do if one comes your way!

Hire equipment

Sometimes, life can throw us things that we’re simply not prepared for and this is no different in business.  Even the best planning and processes can be sent into turmoil when an emergency hits.  No amount of planning can account for Mother Nature flexing her muscles and providing us with harsh weather and extreme freezing conditions.  Weather conditions like ‘Beast from the East’ wreaked havoc on pipes and tanks to render systems defected and brought many businesses to a halt as a result.  In other instances, key components can simply fail out of the blue and leave systems out of order until a new part can be sourced.

Emergencies such as a failing wastewater treatment plant, which could lead to environmental damage and significant fines, is one you’d want to fix as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With this in mind, the ability to bring in a pre-configured system that can be installed and operating within hours to ensure critical processes continue to function is a service many businesses are welcoming.  In an emergency, hiring equipment is the fastest and most cost-effective option.

Here at WES, we are providing exactly this via our Hire Division.  We operate a dedicated fleet of chemical dosing products that are perfect for emergencies.  Hiring equipment enables operations to resume as early as possible which then provides staff the time and focus to diagnose faults and source replacement equipment.

Our hire division is highly reactive, and our systems are deployed to businesses extremely rapidly.  Our hire equipment ranges from our DosingCube™ through to our fully-integrated systems which leave the WES workshop pre-installed and fully tested.  This ensures easy installation on-site, often only needing an electrical supply and dosing lines which means that service is resumed economically and with minimal fuss.

We maintain a fleet of containerised systems which we keep in stock; in fact, our hire fleet is bigger than any of our competitors.  Our systems are standard and modular in design, so they can be easily adapted to most in-situ systems.  We provide a complete tank system including values, meters and pipework which means that changeover is quick, simple and safe.  We also supply dual-contained dosing lines if required to ensure our systems are compliant with environmental and safety standards.

In addition to hiring this equipment for use in emergencies, we are also finding that companies are hiring our equipment during planned maintenance or during chemical trials.  Hiring can also provide an effective solution for companies struggling to raise capital to purchase main equipment or for projects that fall outside of the water industry AMP project cycle.

In short, hiring gives companies operational flexibility as well as ensuring operation as normal during crisis or emergencies.

Next time we’re met with harsh weather that can cause disruption to normal service, or when a part fails, make sure WES Hire Division is your first call.