Peace of mind with quick turnaround

When it comes to chemical dosing systems, more and more water and wastewater businesses are using the option of hired in services. In these difficult times, choosing a provider that can meet even unexpected demands, quickly, is essential.

The reasons businesses choose to hire chemical dosing systems are many and varied and include the need to: Hire equipment

  • Solve an emergency – when equipment suddenly stops working, a hired system keeps things going, giving time to identify the cause and carry out repairs
  • Support planned maintenance – when the original dosing system undergoes a planned shutdown for maintenance, refurbishment, upgrading or expansion, a hired solution can keep things moving
  • Test and evaluate new treatment strategies and processes – to meet more stringent regulations and reduce operating costs, hire systems enable the completion of tests and field trials to choose the best way forward
  • Meet changing needs – demand or treatment requirements are subject to changes and a hired system gives the flexibility to adapt site capabilities rapidly and cost-effectively
  • Overcome budget challenges – dosing equipment hire is a relatively low monthly payment on the operating expenditure budget
  • Bring in external expertise – as specialists in their field, the chemical dosing equipment provider brings knowledge, skills, and capacity to install and maintain dosing equipment.

Although most water and wastewater businesses invest in their own chemical dosing equipment, as can be seen from the list above, there are times when hired systems become a welcome problem-solving option.

Bigger, in this case, is better

Due to the fact that WES Ltd has the biggest fleet of chemical dosing units for hire in the UK – with 350 individual assets – the company is well-used to meeting customer hire needs quickly and effectively. This response speed is especially important in the event of expected breakdowns or emergencies.

WES – a helping hand in an emergency

The team of experts at WES understands the potential damage a dosing system breakdown can have, particularly for wastewater treatment plants, where a failure can potentially lead to environmental damage and significant fines. WES has the ability to deliver a pre-configured system – often within the same day a hire-call is received – that can be installed and operating within hours, ensuring critical processes continue to function.

So, in these times where so many things are proving difficult to get hold of, WES is ready and able to meet any chemical dosing system need you have – be that planned or an emergency.

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