chemical dosing hire

Questions for dosing system hire providers

Hiring a chemical dosing system is often a better option than buying, but to maximise its operational and financial benefits you need the right provider. Here are some key questions you should ask.

chemical dosing hireWhat experience do you have of my industry sector? Can you show me a strong portfolio of equipment and services meeting its needs?

Do you have systems for all scales of operation? Do you provide everything from compact to high-capacity solutions? Will the operation and filling methods integrate seamlessly with my procedures and supply chain?

Is your equipment compatible with my operation? Are the pumps, valves and pipework suited to the chemicals I use? Will the pumps meet my flow and pressure specifications? Is it easy to set and adjust timing and dosing parameters?

How quickly will the equipment be available to me? How large is your fleet? How efficient is your logistics operation? What is your emergency response time?

How quick and easy are your systems to deploy? Are they palletised or containerised for fast transport? Are their components pre-integrated and pre-tested? Are they sufficiently robust and weatherproof for any location?

Will your equipment connect readily with mine? Will you provide the right pipework and connectors to link easily with existing or supplied dosing lines? Do your controls operate independently, or can they be linked to existing sensors and remote or on-site control systems?

Can I trust your advice? Does your company have the expertise to identify the ideal system? Are your staff qualified to give expert technical guidance on its installation and maintenance?

Is your service flexible and responsive? Can I be confident that your provision will always meet my lead times and cover the necessary hire periods? Do you have a proven track record of fulfilling customers’ expectations?

For further information, download our white paper on chemical dosing system hire.