Defence – Warship cooling water pipework conditioning

Defence – Warship cooling water pipework conditioning

Project Title | CuGuard™

Client | Babcock / MoD

Project Value | £ classified

Chemical | Ferrous Sulphate

Duration | 12 weeks

Our Services
Design and build self-contained portable ferrous sulphate dosing systems for seawater cooling system protection for use on warships and submarines.

The equipment is designed to comply with Ministry of Defence Standard 02-781 Protection of Seawater Systems Pipework and Heat Exchanger Tubes in HM Ships and Submarines and includes facilities to:

  • Prepare an accurately proportioned solution of technical grade ferrous sulphate granules in water using a saturator assembly.
  • Provide a dosing system capable of working in either a pipe passivation mode (burning-in) or in film maintenance mode.

The new units incorporate a digital “stepper motor” diaphragm dosing pump, laser level sensing and electromagnetic flow sensing all operating under PLC control via a custom-designed HMI interface and mounted in a compact and robust wheeled assembly designed to be moved easily in the tight confines of a warship.