Industrial – Automotive, pre-paint process

Industrial – Automotive, pre-paint process

Project Title | Pre-paint surface preparation

Client | Honda UK

Project Value | £15K

Chemical | Potassium Hydrogen Di-Fluoride

Duration | 4 weeks

Our Services
Design and build a chemical dosing system incorporating two WES DosingCube™.

Modern cars have an excellent resistance to corrosion. This is achieved by careful surface preparation before paint is applied.

WES Systems & Projects division were invited to supply the equipment required to inject a highly reactive chemical Potassium Hydrogen Chloride into a preliminary body shell cleaning process. This was to include a bespoke bund to accommodate two replaceable IBC’s and two self-contained DosingCube™ in a confined space.

The equipment was delivered & commissioned on time giving a safe and reliable solution to a critical & hazardous key manufacturing process.