Water Utilities – Hydrogen Peroxide System

Water Utilities – Hydrogen Peroxide System

Project Title | Evaluation & temporary Works

Client | A UK Water Authority

Project Value | £10,000.00

Chemical | Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Duration | 1 month

Our Services
Design, procure, install, test and commission an interim pumping system to drain down an existing 30 cubic metre bulk hydrogen peroxide storage tank and safely discharge the chemical to a water course at the direction of the Environment Agency.

Our Client operated an installation on behalf of the Environment Agency to inject hydrogen peroxide into a water course in order to maintain oxygen levels at environmentally acceptable levels.

WES Ltd were commissioned to report on the condition of the plant in accordance with CEFIC guidelines. From this report it was determined that, in order to comply with the requirements of the CEFIC standard, the chemical should be removed from the system to allow some critical upgrade work to be undertaken. WES were engaged to advise on the safest course of action to dispose of approximately 20 m³ of hydrogen peroxide stored in a bulk tank on site. Pumping out to the water course (at the direction of the Environment Agency) was considered to be the safest option.

WES Ltd were engaged to:

  • Remove/relocate existing dosing equipment to facilitate the temporary works
  • Provide temporary “Blue-White” Peristaltic pump system, pipework and valve installation in accordance with CEFIC
  • Temporarily re-route delivery pipework between the pumping installation and the water course.
  • Supervise and operate the new pump (at the direction of the Environment Agency)

The work was completed on time and without incident and WES have subsequently been requested to quote for the supply of further interim provisions and the supply of a permanent replacement dosing system in compliance with CEFIC.