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For Ferrous Sulphate conditioning of marine Copper Nickel seawater systems, the CuGuard™ unit provides a single packaged rig to create a regulated concentration solution and then to automatically apply the solution to the ship’s Copper Nickel seawater system for initial “burning-in”, or to dose the solution at the pre-determined dose rate into the cooler flow.

Key Features

Portable Portable

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Digital Dosing Digital Dosing

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Ease of Use

  • Stainless Steel frame and solution tank
  • Requires only a potable water connection, power connection & Ferrous Sulphate Crystal
  • Operator interface requiring only a Ferrous dose rate to be entered (depending on mode selected)
  • Operational modes for:
    • System first fill & burn-in
    • Operational dosing into normal cooling flow for CuNi protective layer maintenance by providing system flow signal to CuGuard™ unit
    • Operational dosing into normal cooling flow for CuNi protective layer maintenance by manually entering system flow rate into CuGuard™ unit


  • Allows compliance with Ministry of Defence DEF STAN 02-781
  • Accepts a standard 25kg bag of Ferrous Sulphate crystal and automatically mixes the crystal with water to create the solution within a sealed dissolving cell
  • Operator interface on the control panel allows the dose rate to be pre-set and then the digital chemical dosing pump will deliver the Ferrous Sulphate solution at the correct rate to provide optimum conditions for Copper Nickel protective film maintenance
  • Integral unit with dissolving cell, dosing pump, flowmeter, valving, control panel, etc – avoids the risks associated with the often used bucket mixing and manual adding methods
  • Relatively small footprint allowing positioning in close proximity of the systems to be treated