Disinfection Solutions

Disinfection Solutions

WES process experience extends beyond straightforward chemical metering applications to a broad spectrum of water disinfection needs in municipal, industrial & aquatic applications.  Whilst many requirements are satisfied with a conventional packaged dosing solution, WES can also offer electro-chlorination packages, chlorine dioxide solution generators & chemical free / mercury free UV modules. Whatever your disinfection requirements we can assist you to apply the right solution for the necessary requirement.


Safely and economically produce on site sodium hypochlorite solution (NaClO) from the electrolysis of common salt (NaCl) in a salt and softened water (H2O) solution.

Working with market leading component suppliers, WES are able to offer a broad range of packaged electrochlorination solutions to meet your specific need.

Chlorine Dioxide

Safely and economically generate chlorine dioxide solution on site from precursor chemicals

Ideal application areas for chlorine dioxide include combating germs and pathogens in applications where conventional chlorination is challenged, such as legionella in building installations, disinfecting cooling water systems, and industrial processes.