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A portable fully enclosed chemical dosing system comprising a weatherproof polyethylene rotationally moulded enclosure into which is fitted high quality digital dosing pumps complete with control valves, leak detection switch and can be configured with a controller/timer unit.

Key Features

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Lightweight Lightweight

Compact Compact

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Digital Dosing Digital Dosing

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Designed primarily for temporary or emergency use to dose Chemical from an IBC or other existing storage vessel. The DosingCube™ can also be used as an interchangeable modular system for permanent dosing systems.

DosingCube™ Customisation

WES DosingCube™ is a versatile safe and secure system that can be fully customised to specific customer/industry requirements, including customer or chemical specific colour options and logos.


By utilising compact high quality digital dosing pumps which have a user interface that lets you enter the dosing rate you want directly on the screen, the DosingCube™ enclosure is small enough to be portable. Furthermore, with a very wide turndown ratio (100:1 for smaller pumps 800:1 for large pumps) and no need for complicated stroke rate calculations, the DosingCube™ is truly plug & play.

  • Polyethylene enclosure IP54 rated with integral drip-tray, resistant to most chemicals, lockable toggle catch closure, carrying handles, clear window.
  • High quality digital dosing pump allowing direct operator entry of dose rate. Also, allowing manual or auto operation modes with direct input of pulse or 4-20mA flow proportional control signals.
  • Dual contained pipework connections – suction & delivery pipework can be dual contained with the outer sleeves connected directly to the DosingCube™. Any pipework leakage is detected by the switch in the drip tray.
  • Controller/Timer – allows chemical dosing to be started/stopped at pre-set times. All DosingCube™ are dual voltage 110 or 240V – 110V plug on flying lead supplied as standard.

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