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DS1000 / SC1000

The WES SC1000 is a fully enclosed weatherproof Polyethylene rotationally moulded enclosure and integral bund designed to accept a standard 1000 Litre IBC. The SC1000 unit prevents the common problem of exposed IBC bunds filling with rainwater and can be supplied as the DS1000 variant fitted as standard with a fixed IBC, WES DosingCube™ and chemical fill arrangement to create a complete low cost chemical dosing system.

Key Features

Bunded Bunded

Portable Portable

Compact Compact

Low Power Low Power

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Digital Dosing Digital Dosing

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The WES DS1000 meets the pre-requisites for safe and secure (lockable) storage and containment required by responsible users of chemicals stored in IBCs, whilst at the same time offering operators ease of use.

  • The DS1000 is fully compatible with other WES “standard products” to form small standalone dosing systems. (DosingCube™ and DS200)
  • The DS1000 also offers much more secure containment of Hazardous chemical (Hazchem) with its roller shutter door. This greatly reduces the occurrence of vandalism.

Ease of Use

Lightweight and yet extremely robust. The base of the unit has reinforced forklift lifting recesses. (It is not advised to lift the unit with an IBC in position)


  • Polyethelene is resistant to most chemicals
  • Bund has full rainfall protection – no need to pump out
  • Lockable and secure Cabinet
  • Upper roll top door and lower swing-out doors combine to allow easy and convenient access to IBC
  • Available in different colours (longer lead time)
  • Low profile (710mm height), 1363 litre containment sump allows safe material handling and dispensing.