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A fully enclosed chemical dosing system comprising a weatherproof Polyethylene rotationally moulded enclosure and integral bund into which is fitted a 1700 Litre Polyethylene storage tank (working volume 1500L). Single duty or duty/standby pumps can be fitted with dose rates up to 150 Litres/hr.

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Designed as a small to medium capacity packaged Chemical dosing system for indoor or outdoor applications. Dosing pump and control options available for dose rates from 0.004—150 L/hr.

Safety & Ease of Use

With an integral bund and separate doors to the dosing & fill/control compartments, the unit provides a safe & robust fully enclosed lockable unit. By using Digital dosing pumps which have a user interface that allows the dosing rate you want to be entered directly on the screen, the systems are very simple to use. Furthermore, with a very wide turn-down ratio (100:1 for smaller pumps 1000:1 for large pumps) and no need for complicated stroke rate calculations, the system is truly “plug & play”.


  • Polyethylene enclosure – IP54 rated with integral >2000 Litre capacity bund, (resistant to most Chemicals), separate lockable front access doors for fill & dosing compartments, 1700 Litre rotationally moulded storage tank.
  • Fill point – Separate fill door opening to proprietary/compliant fill connections & valves for filling by Chemical delivery suppliers.
  • Top access port – For ease of access to tank top instruments.
  • Digital Dosing Pump(s) – Allowing direct operator entry of dose rate. Also allowing manual or auto operation modes with direct input of pulse or 4-20mA flow proportional control signals. Single pump duty or dual pump duty & standby set-ups are possible.
  • Connections – Vertical tunnel rising through the bund to the dosing compartment allow power & signal cabling to enter & dosing lines to exit without being visible from outside the unit.
  • Control – Various options available from simple manual control to full flow proportional automatic dosing with automatic duty/standby pump changeover. Telemetry options also available.
  • Dose rates – Models available allowing dose rates as low as 0.025 l/hr or up to 150 l/hr.
  • Drip tray/bund – The integral bund will contain any leakage and the level switch will inhibit the pump(s).
  • Health & Safety – With integral chemical containment, automatic leak detection cut-off & splash screens, etc. The DS1500 provides a safe dosing system for both operator & environment.