Flow Meters

Flow Meters

As an international distributor for Blue White products, WES can offer a broad range of flowmeters and accessories for every application.  Contact us today for more information and advice on the best solution.

Variable areas

Variable area flowmeters are simple and versatile devices that operate at a relatively constant pressure drop and measure the flow of liquids, gases, and steam.


The Paddlewheel flowmeter is innovative in its in market. The shape allows for it to be installed either horizontally or vertically which means it can flow in either direction with accuracy as accuracy to within 1% of the full-scale range reading. Additionally, Paddlewheel sensors can measure chemical metering pump output rates as low as 1 ounce per minute. 

Not only does the paddle meter use the latest technology but they are also quick and easy to install. This means you get the highest quality without the expensive price tag.


Sonic-Pro ultrasonic flowmeters can be configured for easy installation and has a user-selectable Doppler or Transit Time operating modes for measurement of both clean and dirty fluids. To allow for changes in the fluid’s particle count, SonicPro monitors the signal gain and employs an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) algorithm that periodically adjusts the gain, maintaining the optimum power level.