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To meet the challenges of increasing regulatory demands, tighter environmental compliance, lower chemical usage, production target demands and tighter budgetary control, WES has devised more effective and sustainable chemical dosing and equipment solutions. From car manufacturing and medical to paper, plasterboard and drinks manufacturing, WES can offer a true multi-disciplined engineering service and dosing pump solution. 


Blue-White Flexpro A

The Blue White Flex-Pro A series of self-priming peristaltic metering pumps distributed by WES is purpose designed for the demanding needs of industry.

Comprising models A2, A3 and A4, the range is capable of capacities to 600 l/h and pressure of up to 8.6 bar, with a range of adjustment of up to 10000:1.


Blue-White ChemPro C

The Blue White ChemPro C series of diaphragm metering pumps distributed by WES is purpose designed for the demanding needs of industry. Comprising models C2 and C3, the C range is capable of capacities to 153 l/h and pressure of up to 12 bar.


EcoLab Eco Add range

This range is user friendly and uses the latest technology. It comes equipped with a USB interface, multicolour touch display and future oriented safety and communication tools. The Bluetooth module adds Bluetooth capability to even the basic EcoAdd pump.  

Additionally, the Eco range is now accessible from your phone, with the EcoAPP and EcoCONNECT allowing smartphone and computer connectivity, through apps and software.


Elados EMP range

With our range of diaphragm metering pumps – ELADOS® EMP – we offer a pump programme which meets the high demands of industrial use. With a well-balanced metering performance gradation among excellent metering exactness and optimal chemical resistance, it guarantees a wide field of usage. From individual required basic types up to more demanding electric varieties, the ELADOS® EMP pump range has a well-balanced metering performance, with a chemical pump to 1.4 l/h and is self-degassing. 


The solenoid-driven metering pump has a maximum of 300 strokes/min (TACMINA benchmark), which means that it is 2 to 4 times faster than motor-driven metering pumps.  It uses electromagnetic as a driving power. It has an embedded controller and can be programmed to operate in a variety of ways.