Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

WES’ Hire division operates a dedicated fleet of chemical dosing products to meet a wide range of temporary and emergency requirements.

Ranging from our DosingCube™ through to fully-integrated systems, this rapidly expanding division of WES is highly reactive and geared towards fast deployment.

“WES continues to invest in expanding the hire fleet to meet the increasing demand from existing and new customers. The hire fleet is mainly based around a range of self-contained dosing systems within polyethylene, GRP or metal containers.”

The premise behind this is that these systems leave WES’ workshop pre-installed and fully tested. This minimises the site installation and commissioning requirement, often limited to connection to an electrical supply, any signal cabling and running of the dosing lines to the point of application. This philosophy and process is geared around putting these systems into service quickly, economically and with minimal complication to the customer.

WES’ hire business is fast establishing itself as a key service to our customers, in particular, to meet emergency chemical dosing requirements and also to provide continued process operation during main plant maintenance and asset replacement or chemical trials.

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