Small Packaged Systems

Small Packaged Systems

WES offers a wide range of standardised chemical dosing packages for smaller, straightforward storage & metering applications, ranging from the portable, versatile WES Dosing Cube to the SC1000/DS1000 IBC storage solution with chemical dosing options. View our product range below or visit our catalogue to search the WES complete portfolio.


This fully enclosed chemical DS200 Dosing Unit with capacity for 200 litres of storage is an ideal plug and play solution.

Designed as a small storage capacity packaged Chemical dosing system for indoor or outdoor applications. Dosing pump and control options available for dose rates from 0.004—150 L/hr.


Our trademarked DosingCube™ is used in several different applications from single use with IBCs to perform temporary or emergency duties or as part of a modular and interchangeable system for ease of use and process/maintenance efficiency (just replace one for another, it can be returned to WES for annual service with no disruption to the end users process). You can also purchase a DosingCube™ stand to suit different applications.

Transfer Cubes

Designed primarily for temporary or emergency use to dose Chemical from an IBC or other existing storage vessel. Transfer Cubes can also be used as an interchangeable modular system for permanent dosing systems.


POA Cabinets

WES offer a range of solutions for validating & remote monitoring chemical addition at the point of injection, from straightforward, Cube based, flow switch assemblies to bespoke, environmentally protected, electromagnetic flowmeter packages.

SC/DS Series

The WES SC1000 is designed for outdoor use and prevents the common problem of most IBC bunding filling with rainwater and issues of being compliant. This lockable unit keeps chemicals stored both safe and secure and still offers ease of use

A fully enclosed weatherproof Polyethylene rotationally moulded enclosure and integral bund designed to accept a standard 1000 Litre IBC. The DS1000 unit prevents the common problem of exposed IBC bunds filling with rainwater and can be fitted as standard with a WES DosingCube™ and chemical fill arrangement to create a complete low-cost chemical dosing system.


For Ferrous Sulphate conditioning of marine Copper Nickel seawater systems, the CuGuard™ unit provides a single packaged rig to create a regulated concentration solution and then to automatically apply the solution to the ship’s Copper Nickel seawater system for initial “burning-in”, or to dose the solution at the pre-determined dose rate into the cooler flow.