WES takes a collaborative approach to its activities in the defence sector resolving problems with innovative solutions, products and services.

Working closely with the Royal Navy and Babcock in the most stringent health, safety and security environments, WES have become technical authority for Micro-biologically influenced corrosion (MIC) control of seawater cooling systems for the Devonport based Nuclear Submarine fleet. Using the WES “In Harbour Chlorination Rigs” (IHCR’s) utilising electro-chlorination technology for on-site generation of Sodium Hypochlorite, WES provides a full support service including emergency call-out and exchange servicing provision.

The WES Cuguard™ system is another innovative solution for the Royal Navy surface fleet. Ferrous Sulphate dosing into Copper Nickel seawater cooling systems for “Burning in” and surface conditioning is not new technology, but suitable equipment to provide this solution in today’s fast paced reactive Naval fleet was not available.

WES worked closely with ship’s engineers to understand the unique operating requirements and developed the Cuguard™ automatic Ferrous Sulphate dosing system to optimise corrosion resistance and compliance with Defence standard 02-781.