Water Utilities

This sector represents WES’ largest market for chemical dosing products, system and services within the UK. WES has been supporting the requirements of the water industry for over 25 years with much of our innovation and development of standard products being shaped by the requirements of water utilities throughout this period.

The current drive for innovation and TOTEX for the AMP6 period is a concept which has been embraced by WES throughout its history as a chemical dosing solution provider.

The development of the standard products for the water industry is predicated on high quality self-contained packaged designs within polyethylene enclosures which can be configured to a range of applications and are simple and economical to install, set up and maintain. Several hundred WES chemical dosing systems of this type are in operation across UK utility potable and waste water sites.

WES also specialises in larger more bespoke chemical dosing solutions where WIMES compliance and observance of best practice are pre-requisites in the engineering, production and site services processes. Advancing on this, WES has become an industry specialist in hydrogen peroxide dosing where the design and health and safety due diligence is elevated another level to provide the required safeguards for storage and dosing of this potentially explosive chemical.

All four of WES’ business divisions are actively engaged on the water utilities sector, on a standalone basis and also frequently in concert to provide a turn-key service on the larger chemical dosing system projects.