Another successful Achilles audit for WES

In mid-November, WES underwent a formal Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UvDB) assessment.  For the 3rd year running, we passed with an exceptionally high score – 99% for activity in our main facility in Basingstoke, and 100% on the customer worksite that was selected for audit.  Kevin Wheeler, WES MD, commented on

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WES Ltd achieves exceptional results in the UVDB audit

A recent Audit of WES Ltd by Achilles shows outstanding results for Health & Safety, Environment, Quality and Corporate Social. We have secured another outstanding result in the Achilles UVDB B2 Audit. UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database) is the utility industry’s pre-qualification system, used by almost all buyers in the sector

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Lewis Tett completes his 3-year WES apprenticeship

A huge congratulations to WES apprentice, Lewis Tett, who was presented with his Level 3 NVQ certificate after completing his final module. Lewis, aged 21, started his apprenticeship at another company, but sadly, that company went into administration. In July 2016, WES offered Lewis the opportunity to continue his training

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A large dose… an innovative approach to eutrophication

Phosphorus in wastewater is a key cause of eutrophication which is the over-enrichment of lakes and other surface waters from mineral and organic nutrients. It stimulates excessive growth of microscopic algae and plankton, creating a dense algal bloom, where the subsequent death and bacterial decomposition strips the water of its oxygen

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Maintaining Mega Contracts

United Utilities has moved away from its previous reliance on a single supplier with the award of the AMP7 maintenance contract to seven separate suppliers. United Utilities believe it will improve customer service and offer flexibility. But what are the other benefits? As one of the awarded suppliers, Sapphire, say: “the

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The latest portable chemical dosing convenience is cube-shaped

Continuous product improvement has led to the launch of DosingCube E, the latest iteration of our distinctive and highly flexible portable dosing system. These compact, fully enclosed, bunded units have already proved themselves in hundreds of situations and now offer even better performance. Designed primarily for rapid plug-and-play deployment in emergencies,

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WES helps focus training group

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WES helps Focus Training Group

Wayne Daysh, our Electrical Operations Supervisor, recently attended the Elex show and provided Focus Training with a WES Dosing system so that Bernard Collins could demonstrate electrical control systems to prospective new entrants to the industry. For this occasion WES adapted a Dosing Pump normally used for aggressive chemcials to

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We see a 20% increase in revenue with ambitious growth strategy

Encouraged by another year of expansion and success, we have seen 20% growth in 2018  and are set to support the water industry deliver throughout the next AMP7,  as our business expands in both wastewater and drinking water. We have achieved a third consecutive year of strong growth. In line

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WES problem-solvers set for CHEMUK 2019

We look forward to meeting and advising delegates from the chemical industry supply chain and water utilities sector at CHEMUK 2019. This inaugural event, brings together chemical product development, specification, processing and manufacturing businesses, and their suppliers, offers an unprecedented opportunity to share information. It takes place in Leeds on

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Fighting the fatbergs

As a number of its customers – including Thames Water and Wessex Water – work to combat the scourge of fatbergs, leading supplier of chemical dosing systems to water industry WES Ltd asks what more can be done? In 2017 a monster was found residing in the heart of London. Weighing

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Les Bunce

Hire Business Manager

Les Bunce is Hire Business Manager. He leads the WES Hire Business responsible for managing the supply of our Temporary Chemical Dosing hire fleet on both a planned and emergency basis. Les has over 25 years’ experience in the hire industry and fully understands our customers’ hire requirements.

Patrick Fisher

Projects Director

Patrick Fisher is Projects Director. He leads the business stream responsible for project management, design, engineering, manufacture and delivery of “Capital project” chemical dosing systems. A degree qualified engineer with over 10 years’ experience working in fluid delivery solutions to the water, general industrial, petrochemical, and food & beverage industries.

Bob Cook

Senior Proposals Manager

Bob Cook is Senior Proposals Manager. After completing a traditional engineering apprenticeship at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Bob was one of the original partners who started the business in 1986. In addition to board activities, Bob now applies his considerable experience to developing proposals & solutions to meet customer requirements.

Ian Price

Dosing Products Business Manager

Ian Price is WES Dosing Products Business Manager, leading the business stream responsible for delivering a wide range of standardised chemical dosing packages, ad-hoc dosing needs and ‘off the shelf’ dosing products & solutions. A mechanical engineer with over 20 years’ experience in fluid handling solutions into the water, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage markets.

Jamie Cole

Operations Director

Jamie Cole is Operations Director. Jamie joined the business in 2018 from a career in delivery of services to the property and utilities sectors. Jamie is responsible for the management of all external operations and activities of the business including installation, service, hire & warranty.

Graham Ward

Business Development Director

Graham Ward is Sales and Marketing Director. His extensive experience includes a number of senior roles working for various SMEs and large organisations in the water, power generation, petrochemical, marine and food & beverage industries. As a qualified marine engineer, Graham has established his career in Sales and Business Development and is responsible for the business development, marketing and sales of systems, products and services across WES.

Carl Millington

Non-Exec Director

Carl joined WES as Non-Exec chairman following an appointment via the Business Growth Service to assist the business with growth strategy. A highly experienced Business Mentor, Coach, Managing Director & Non-Exec Chairman, having led product, manufacturing, contracting and service provider businesses for nearly 30 years. A strong track record of market, sales and profit growth within a diverse range of sectors.

Core competencies include business growth strategies, board & business leadership, strategic planning, sales & marketing management, P&L & balance sheet management, acquisitions, divestments, outsourcing, TUPE transfer, mentoring & coaching.

Kevin Wheeler

Managing Director

Kevin Wheeler is Managing Director. Kevin trained as an Engineer at the Royal Aircraft Establishment and joined the business in 1989. Kevin now leads the Board of Directors setting strategy and defining priorities to meet the business objectives & growth aspirations whilst adding experience to technical issues where required.