Another successful Achilles audit for WES

In mid-November, WES underwent a formal Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UvDB) assessment. 

For the 3rd year running, we passed with an exceptionally high score – 99% for activity in our main facility in Basingstoke, and 100% on the customer worksite that was selected for audit. 

Kevin Wheeler, WES MD, commented on the certification: “Our consistently high score over multiple years demonstrates that WES takes all health and safety, environmental, quality and corporate social responsibility matters seriously – and that we manage them well. Achievement of such a high score is only possible thanks to the diligence and hard work of all of our staff.

We won’t however, rest on our laurels. We certainly don’t consider ourselves perfect; we will continue to set a vision for WES that exceeds our present business performance – and then keep driving to attain that vision.”