Bentley award

WES Group awarded Subcontractor Performance Award

Bentley awardWe are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a Subcontractor Performance Award for 2017 from JN Bentley.

Each year JN Bentley reviews the performance of all their subcontractors and recognises the efforts of those who have scored highly. The company reviewed over 620 subcontract suppliers and conducted over 2,000 performance reports to achieve these results.

We scored particularly high performances on key measurements such as quality of products, attention to health and safety issues, environmental considerations, innovation and design ideas, and submission of method statements, risk assessments and CoSHH information.

We are proud to have achieved an assessment score of 1.50 (the average score being 1.99), signalling our outstanding performance and high quality of service, which ranks us among the 25% of all JN Bentley subcontractors for the year.