It’s All Hands to the Pump During Covid19


During these challenging times, WES Ltd, has been doing its bit to help support local charities by manufacturing and delivering hand sanitiser to them. The first batch was delivered to Basingstoke Voluntary Action this week and has been well received by the staff there.

Focused on developing and supporting the voluntary sector in and around the borough of Basingstoke and Deane, Basingstoke Voluntary Action will be using the hand sanitiser in its vital work to help support vulnerable residents across the district.   

Producing hand sanitiser to help support local charities was the brainchild of WES’ managing director, Kevin Wheeler. Despite WES still continuing to provide industries across the country with essential dosing equipment at this timeKevin rolled up his sleevesand devised a plan to adapt existing skills and equipment to manufacture and bottle hand sanitiser. He comments: “During this time, it is important that we all do what we can to help fight this disease. The hand sanitiser idea came about because chemical handling and metering accurate quantities is what we do and so it seemed obvious to use the skills we have across departments to produce something we were unable to purchase. Initially, it was intended for our own key worker employees, but we quickly realised that we could share it out to other deserving causes. It has been well received by the team at Basingstoke Voluntary Action and we are aiming to deliver more in the coming weeks”