chemical dosing cube


chemical dosing cubeWES Group, one of the UK’s leading designers, developers and manufacturers of chemical dosing technology, announces the introduction of the company’s portable DosingCube.

This fully enclosed chemical digital dosing system is a lightweight, compact, has a bunded unit and is a plug and play solution.  It is ideal for both temporary and emergency use, to dose chemicals from IBCs or other chemical storage facilities and as an interchangeable modular system for permanent dosing systems.

Having spent many years studying and addressing the issues faced by process plant managers, WES Group developed and trademarked the DosingCube to offer users a safe and secure, portable system. It can be fully tailored to customer requirements, including chemical-specific colour options and logos and the integral timer allows dosing to be started and stopped at pre-set times.

The DosingCube contains high-quality digital dosing pumps that have a user interface, allowing dosing rates to be entered on screen. In addition, a range of operation modes allows for direct input of pulse or 4-20mA flow proportional control signals. The unit has a wide turndown ratio and with no need for complicated stroke rate calculations, offers a true plug and play solution.

The IP54 rated polyethylene enclosure houses an integral drip-tray that contains a switch, designed to detect any pipework leakage.  With flexibility built-in, the DosingCube is also dual voltage and comes with built-in pressure relief, load valves and pipework connections for both suction and delivery supply.

Managing Director, Kevin Wheeler, comments: “The importance of chemical dosing cannot be underestimated. Precise, consistent and controllable dosing is essential to maintaining quality, managing costs and complying with regulations. By creating the DosingCube, we are helping plant managers build flexibility into their systems, no matter whether they have an onsite emergency, or planned maintenance to accommodate”.