WES are all over the place…

….in a good way!

Our engineering, workshop and site teams have high levels of activity, supporting the water Industry in every corner of Britain and beyond.

After our record year in 2016, we certainly haven’t backed off – here’s just a few of the things we have been doing over recent days and weeks:

  • Scotland: our Hire team dispatched a large containerised ferric chloride dosing system. This fully packaged, factory built and tested system is deployable immediately it is lifted off the truck.
  • North West: build and delivery of 3 dechlorination kiosks to sites in Greater Manchester. Further units in build and more on order.
  • Midlands: hire again, a palletised 5000 litre tank with integral bund and dosing cubes to provide dosing coverage during the construction phase of a new plant.
  • Ireland: delivery of our famous DosingCubesTM .
  • Belgium: supply of compact DS200 dosing systems – and yet more DosingCubesTM !
  • South: rapid mobilisation of a site team and equipment to assist with a significant breakdown incident at a potable water treatment works. We had 4 hire systems available from stock, which were installed and commissioned next day providing safe water treatment 24/7 until repairs can be effected to the permanent plant
  • Wales: a large polyelectrolyte system ordered and now in build
  • South East: an order to manufacture and supply a ferric chloride dosing system to Thames Water at Longreach waste water treatment works. Detailed design engineering was completed under a separate order at the end of last year, enabling us to commence factory build immediately
  • South West: following a successful project in 2016, another order from Wessex Water for a 2500 litre septicity control system. Another project keeping the factory hard at work!
  • …and not forgetting our dosing products division, who despatch components, spare parts and standard products day in, day out to customers all over the globe.

Wherever you are.…whatever your chemical dosing need…big or small….call WES.