WES help SE Water to provide crystal clear tap water!

The WES workshop team are hard at work building the first of 5 fully containerised dosing systems, being supplied for installation at 5 separate South East Water sites.

Each system will dose SeaQuest®, a proprietary product designed to treat iron discolouration in drinking water systems. SeaQuest® addresses iron arising naturally from source water as well as iron arising from corrosion in the distribution pipework. It further reduces, and eventually eliminates, existing scale and corrosion accumulations.

WES will design, manufacture and test all 5 systems at our Basingstoke facility before the end of this year. We have received a further order via the Enisca Browne JV covering site works, installation and commissioning at each location. One of the locations is sited on a flood plain, requiring the WES dosing container to be elevated 2.5m above local ground level.