Overcoming the pain points

November 20, 2020

Leonardo da Vinci, the world-renowned artist and engineer, said ‘wisdom is the daughter of experience’. So, with this in mind, here is some food for thought for those looking to overcome those all too frequent specification and installation pain points, based on the WES team’s extensive experience in this field:

Location, location, location  – with more stringent requirements for the removal of phosphorus under AMP7, there has been an increase in demand for chemical dosing systems on smaller, trickier sites. To overcome the pain point of a difficult location or small footprint, many compact packaged dosing systems are increasingly popular. This is because:

  • Compact dosing systems have an immediate flexibility advantage over their large predecessors, as they give wider scope for location choice, fitting easily into smaller sites
  • Systems like the DS1500 from WES come with inbuilt weather protection, expanding applicability to both outdoor and indoor locations
  • Self-contained small and large chemical dosing systems, such as those supplied by WES, are single lift packages that are flexible enough to meet all control requirements and other product standards relating to different water utilities and approved suppliers.

Keeping the costs down – the best way to keep costs down is to minimise any nasty surprises. This is where standardisation, experience and simplicity can make all the difference:

  • Using framework designs that are agreed upon by the supply chain can help a standardised cost to be achieved by a delivery provider
  • Experience can also help simplify the specification and reduce costs. The team at WES has been able to halve costs for some customers as they have used their skills and knowledge to provide a better design. For example WES delivered cheaper costs on a project by looking at a different way of achieving the end result, coming up with a 5m2 system compared to the original 3.5m x 7.5m solution.

Speeding up delivery times – time is money and mistakes can be costly in terms of service quality, expense and speed. To ensure the job is delivered as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible:

  • What checking process does the supplier have in place to minimise errors? At WES even the most straightforward jobs are peer reviewed by others, to make sure that no one has made a mistake that will lead to delivery delays or additional costs
  • Getting to the root of the problem not only saves time but money. A good supplier will ask questions and ideally check the site, so that the problem is understood and the right solution specified.

None of the suggestions listed here are rocket science. They are just based on the WES team’s years of experience in delivering the right chemical dosing system, in the right time frame and at the right price.

For more information on how WES can help you achieve the best chemical dosing system to meet your needs – painlessly – please contact us

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Les Bunce

Hire Business Manager

Les Bunce is Hire Business Manager. He leads the WES Hire Business responsible for managing the supply of our Temporary Chemical Dosing hire fleet on both a planned and emergency basis. Les has over 25 years’ experience in the hire industry and fully understands our customers’ hire requirements.

Patrick Fisher

Capital Projects Director

Patrick Fisher is Capital Projects Director. He leads the business stream responsible for project management, design, engineering, manufacture and delivery of “Capital project” chemical dosing systems. A degree qualified engineer with over 10 years’ experience working in fluid delivery solutions to the water, general industrial, petrochemical, and food & beverage industries.

Bob Cook

Senior Proposals Manager

Bob Cook is Senior Proposals Manager. After completing a traditional engineering apprenticeship at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Bob was one of the original partners who started the business in 1986. In addition to board activities, Bob now applies his considerable experience to developing proposals & solutions to meet customer requirements.

Ian Price

Dosing Products Business Manager

Ian Price is WES Dosing Products Business Manager, leading the business stream responsible for delivering a wide range of standardised chemical dosing packages, ad-hoc dosing needs and ‘off the shelf’ dosing products & solutions. A mechanical engineer with over 20 years’ experience in fluid handling solutions into the water, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage markets.

Jamie Cole

Operations Director

Jamie Cole is Operations Director. Jamie joined the business in 2018 from a career in delivery of services to the property and utilities sectors. Jamie is responsible for the management of all external operations and activities of the business including installation, service, hire & warranty.

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Business Development Director

Graham Ward is Sales and Marketing Director. His extensive experience includes a number of senior roles working for various SMEs and large organisations in the water, power generation, petrochemical, marine and food & beverage industries. As a qualified marine engineer, Graham has established his career in Sales and Business Development and is responsible for the business development, marketing and sales of systems, products and services across WES.

Carl Millington

Non-Exec Director

Carl joined WES as Non-Exec chairman following an appointment via the Business Growth Service to assist the business with growth strategy. A highly experienced Business Mentor, Coach, Managing Director & Non-Exec Chairman, having led product, manufacturing, contracting and service provider businesses for nearly 30 years. A strong track record of market, sales and profit growth within a diverse range of sectors.

Core competencies include business growth strategies, board & business leadership, strategic planning, sales & marketing management, P&L & balance sheet management, acquisitions, divestments, outsourcing, TUPE transfer, mentoring & coaching.

Kevin Wheeler

Managing Director

Kevin Wheeler is Managing Director. Kevin trained as an Engineer at the Royal Aircraft Establishment and joined the business in 1989. Kevin now leads the Board of Directors setting strategy and defining priorities to meet the business objectives & growth aspirations whilst adding experience to technical issues where required.