Industrial – Plasterboard Manufacture

Industrial – Plasterboard Manufacturer

Project Title | Fluidiser / Retarder chemical dosing

Client | Siniat Ltd

Project Value | £39K

Chemical | Chryso Gypflu CA / Plast Retard L

Duration | 10 weeks

Our Services
Design, build and site install chemical dosing systems to deliver precise repeatable flows of stabilising chemical in order to maintain continuous reliable production output.

Plasterboard is manufactured in a continuous process. It is important that the plaster mix moves from a viscous liquid to a solid in a controlled process. Adding the correct ingredients in precise quantities is a vital part of the process.

The WES Group were invited to supply the equipment necessary to inject fluidising and retarding agents in precise quantities with a smooth and even flow. Once achieved, the quantity of chemical required could be more closely understood, and therefore reduced, enabling considerable cost saving.