Water Utilities – Potable Water Treatment

Water Utilities – Potable Water Treatment

Project Title | Hall Water Treatment Works

Client | GTM JV / Anglian Water

Project Value | £350K

Chemical | Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Duration | 18 months

Our Services
Design, build and site install a hydrogen peroxide dosing system c/w with control system.

Anglian Water commissioned a new water treatment plant, opened in 2014, treating up to 20 million litres per day. The plant combines micro-filtration, GAC filtration and ultra-violet treatment to treat river water to drinking water standards.

Advanced oxidation can be achieved with a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide dosing and ultra violet radiation. WES Ltd designed and installed the entire Hydrogen Peroxide installation including a 25 m³ bulk storage facility, dosing pumps and controls to dose chemical at the remote Points of Application.  The new installation complies with the CEFIC standard.