The Nuclear industry demands the highest level of security and safety compliance together with cutting-edge engineering expertise. WES have worked in this sector consistently since 2004 and are proud of the reputation gained in providing innovative Chemical Dosing systems and solutions.

Projects include bio-fouling control of cooling water and outfalls using Sodium Hypochlorite, Peracetic Acid and other Biocides, the design development and manufacture of dissolved CO2 monitoring units for primary cooling water analysis, anti-scaling dosing systems and the design and manufacture of Nitric Acid and other chemical dosing systems for de-commissioning waste treatment.

WES are technical authority for the Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine fleet based at Devonport dockyard for Micro-biologically influenced corrosion (MIC) control of seawater cooling systems. The WES designed and supplied “In Harbour Chlorination Rigs” (IHCR’s) utilise electro-chlorination technology for on-site generation of Sodium Hypochlorite which is injected into the cooling systems to control biofouling.